Monday, May 19, 2008


The mental manipulation and movement of minerals. Geokinetics use electromagnetism and electrostatics to manipulate minerals. Alteration in mineral compositions. Microseismic (small earthquakes) disruptions via the initiation of deformations in the earth surface called faults and then initializing movement of that fault. They can manipulate lumps, masses, grains (such as sand), or is disintegrated rocks (found in soils). Such minerals can include: aluminum, magnesium, iron, quartz, garnets, sulfates, salts, hematite, magnetite, rutile, phosphorus, gold, silver, copper, and ice high in minerals. The Geokinetic is a natural Alchemist.

Areas Of Study:
To comprehend this kinetic ability from more of a scientific point of view one should read up on Mineralogy, Electromagnetisim, Electricity, Electrostatics, and Geology.

Associated Enhancement Stones:

Misconceptions and Myth:
Mistakes for Geokinesis are that it is relative to Biokinesis or is though to be Biokinesis, this is not so accurate. Geokinesis is the manipulation of minerals while Biokinesis is the manipulation of biological matter. The reason for this is due to the fact the body is indeed partially composed of minerals. If a geokinetic has he ability to heal it would be through the manipulation of the body's mineral composites only.

Different forms of Geokinetic's: The best bet is to assume which form you qualify as and stick to those related exercises.

*Externally Long Distance: Geokinetic's in which can work at a distance in mineral movement and manipulation, meaning they can be far from the mineral in which they are attempting to influence.

*Externally Short Distance: Geokinetic's in which can only work at close distances to the mineral in which they are attempting to influence such as actual physical touch or being within two to five feet.

*Internally: Geokinetic's in which can only manipulate mineral composites internally to themselves.

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